• How to Maximize Existing Profit Centers and Create New Ones
  • How to Ensure that your Dealership doesn't Waste a Single Opportunity to do Business
  • Dealing with Credit Realities in the 21st Century
  • Ziegler's Methods, Programs, and Advertising Secrets to Drive Floor and Phone Traffic
  • Projects to Control and Measure the Sales Effort in an Erratic Market
  • Growing Sales Volume... Integrating Prospective and Lead Generation Programs into Day-to-Day Activities
  • Tips, Tools, and Techniques that Produce Immediate Results
  • Internet Strategies that Page
  • Customer Relationship Management and CSI Engineering Projects that Lead to High Average Profitability and Top-Rated CSI Scores…Building Value at ALL Levels for Customer Retention and Referrals!
  • Projects for Sales and F&I Managers that will Result in Giving the Dealership your Chance to Pick Up the Money you’re Leaving on the Table…Front, Back, and in the Service Lane.

Our Mission:

    In today's fiercely competitive retail environment every dealership must be operating at maximum efficiency. Every profit center must be synergistically integrated with every other department in the dealership while at the same time, producing their maximum profitability.

Event Details

When: April 6th
April 7th
Where: Peachtree Hyatt Place
5600 Peachtree Parkway Northwest
Norcross, GA 30092
(770) 416-7655
Time: Session 1: 9:00 A.M. -5:00 P.M.
Session 2: 9:00 A.M. -5:00 P.M.

For More Information

Phone: 1.866.314.2618
Email: dealerbattleplan@dealersynergy.com


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